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August 22, 2006



Frederique--I LOVE the collages. Just great. I love the mix & match & the white space. Love those little squares. And the photos are amazing!


INCREDIBLE PHOTOS as ALWAYS! I love this and I am hoping to do something similar for my son's birthday party. I always try and send off a storyboard or three with the thank you notes but I think this will work better. We will def. be talking more soon!


Thanks Sarah and Lanne. When I edited all my pictures i cropped 5x7 because some I wanted to print. I was very much doubting whether a collage with non-squatre pictures would work. But surprisingly enough it did! I also find the little squares funny. I wanted to fill them with different colors and also reorder the photos so that the whole page flows better. Will do it before I print it for my mother.Lanne, can't wait to see your DS collage!

Jill Beamer

Do you EVER take a BAD photo girlie!!??!!??I wish I could be you!Jill B

Tina Parker

You must have worked on this for a bit? They look awesome, of course anything with your photos on it would look awesome ;) Big congrats to you too! We will kinda be working together- how fun!!!Tina


Oh my, so many of your gorgeous photos in one place - it's perfection!How do you manage to get such portfolio worthy photos while on vacation? I'm so busy vacationing that I just don't seem to get them this good (do i ever?). You have talent just oozing out of your pores, I think.Beautiful.


Thanks Gals! Tina, yes how fun! So happy you're part of it too. You have so much TALENT!!!Actually, I took abou 150 pictures, selected about 60 proofs and it took me 3 hours to edit..I was so pleased. Means i'm fnally getting the hang of my work flow.Anne thanks for stopping by! I wish you'd get a blog so I can check out on you too...During vacation, I keep my camera handy and make sure I shoot these precious moments!!!

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