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December 01, 2006



hey Frederique,

Next time, come to British Columbia - we'll have such fun! It's a beautiful province, and you can ski Whistler...


kathy p

oh, i totally agree! you HAVE to come to b.c.!! :) i love quebec city as well. i have only been there in the winter for the skiing, but it is one of my most favorite cities ever. especially the old part of the city!


No, back to Quebec!

I've been checking out places to take my kids skiing. They've never been (I'm a bit scared). I haven't been to vieux Quebec for years (actually, last time was to go skiing at Mont Ste-Anne's). I have to go again soon!

Lovely shot. :)

The water is just too cool as well. :)

(check out Ile-de-la-Madeleine if you want to take a photography vacation.)


As a Canadian I must agree it is a beautiful country. Try Quebec in the summer and also give Ontario a try - very picturesque!
I love the new website. I'm in the process of photographing different children now so I can have a variety of children. Is your website a bludomain? It looks very nice.

Julie C Butler

You would love Ontario for sure - Ottawa especially!!!
You have to let us know next time you are here!! We could get together!!
These are awsome photos! I love the 1st one .. great colors!!


Eleni, yes my website is bludomain. So easy to maintain. I can't even think that I tried a winklet! I had great CS so far and love it..Although I wish i had chosen a different template now. Live and learn!! Thanksfully I am a horizontal shooter!

Holly Brimhall

Awesome pics!!!


Canada is wonderfull, I used to live there .... Hey but Hoofddorp is not bad either, when are you coming ??? LOL

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